At Way Church, we are real people creating real community. Our goal is to have you step into a warm, comfortable environment where you find real people and real community for people of all ages. At Way Church, you’ll find a friendly atmosphere with exciting, dynamic worship music. Our pastors will share a relevant message based on the Bible. Kids have an opportunity to join in our loving, fun-filled children’s church services. We dress casually but take our faith seriously. Don't be surprised if you encounter friendly people who want to get connected! We are filled with encouraging people who care about your spiritual growth.


Sunday Worship Service 11:00 am

Wednesday nights from 6-8 pm

5201 Courthouse Road

Prince George, VA 23875


Check out here on what you can expect at Way Church 

or check out here on what programs we have available for young people of all ages!


Way Church is filled with real people ready to meet the real you. Our focus is on discovering what God can do with each of us. We want to be real, authentic people, welcoming in new faces, and helping you in finding God's perfect plan for your life. 


We value community. In our church community, you can get connected, grow in a group, and help the larger community. We have a plan to help you get connected!

We also invite new guests to join us for a meal time where they can ask questions about what we believe and how to get involved at Way Church. You will hear about small groups, serving, pastoral care, and more. This is a time for you to get to know us and for us to get to know the real you. We want you to feel that you belong in our community.


Way Church is a place where you can find direction from God, find support from others, and begin to grow in life. We have a passion for prayer and we teach on leading your life with God-given direction.  Our community rallies together to help you find your way through prayer and loving relationships.

We value helping others find their way to a meaningful life with God. Way church is a place for community, people, and direction. We want you to find God's way for your life right along side us.